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Actors that played lead roles in both Marvel and DC.


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We all know that Marvel and DC are two comics that attracted many of kids’ and teenagers. Both universes were started in the 19th century. From the day they have been released, they started earning hearts of people even many of them are addicted to it till now.

After that , they both started doing TV shows and movies which visually took us to those universes and made us feel that were are actually in it.

Besides all this, DC and Marvel carries infamous rivalry between them always. And these two are considered as two sides of the comic book film industry. They always maintained a gap between them it was still continuing.

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Many fans wish that they would collaborate but I insist they wouldn’t. Keeping all these disputed aside, there were a few actors who worked in both sides of this movies industry.

Here’s the list of those actors that you might have to take a look.

The first in the list was Ryan Reynolds. He played the role of Green lantern in the film “Green Lantern” (2011) created by DC comics. Later he played Deadpool in the movies “Deadpool” (2016) and “Deadpool 2”(2018).

source: the wrap

The second in the list was Josh Brolin. He played the role of Jonah Hex in the film ‘Jonah Hex’ (2010). After that, from 2014 to till now he was playing the role of Thanos in the MCU. He even played the role of Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’.

Ben Affleck played the role of Matt Murdock in the film Daredevil(2003) in Marvel. He played the role of Batman in the film “Batman vs Superman” in 2016.

In the fourth we have Tom Hardy. He acted as Bane in the film “Dark Knight” in 2012 later he played lead role in the movie “Venom” (2018) of Marvel comics.

Chris Evans very well known for his character as Captain America in MCU. In earlier times, he acted in the movie “The Losers” (2010) as Tensen. Before that in 2005 he played the role of Johnny Storm aka in the film “Fantastic Four”.

At last there is Tommy Lee Jones. He played ‘Two Face’ in the movie “Batman Forever” (1995) and as ‘Col Phillips’ in the film “Captain America: The First Avenger”(2011).

Likewise, there are some directors that have also worked in both Marvel and DC. hope you like it.

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