Call of Duty Mobile Updates: New Features Are Here

A few days ago, beta players of Call of Duty Mobile were told that game servers would go off-line for server monitoring. The server is now back offline, and the 1.0.2 beta version of the game is live.

The latest update contains some new features and improvements from the previous version. It covers some variations in gameplay settings, bug fixes, and more.

You can lead the way into the Google Play Store and install this update if you are a beta user and have downloaded the title. The update is approximately 690 MB.

Nonetheless, the update is not possible to appear in the Play Store as it is phased out, and users may need to wait for a while to access it.

The patch initially adds anti-aliasing capabilities to the game that can be enabled from device settings.

Source: Daily Express

Anti Aliasing gives the game more smooth quality. The patch fixes the tape quality along with the optimization of maps and enhanced sound effects in the combat field.

Players can also connect their Facebook guest account and combine all the progress made so far.

The audio-based problems with the game, such as looping helicopter noise, fighting royal sound effects, etc. were resolved by developers as part of the update.

As for the big spots, the gyroscope problem had resolved with some devices and the bug causing drop damage.

Besides, the issue with the throwing of grenades is being remedied when ADS (Aim Down Sight), effective taxation of consumables in dominant mode, etc.

On a similar note, Apple announced support for PlayStation and Xbox controllers for Call of Duty Mobile and new games in iOS 13 at WWDC 2019. Now users can connect and play the controllers with Bluetooth.

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