Eddie Van Halen Is Reported To Battle With Throat Cancer Once Again! Is It Serious?

The famous Dutch singer and guitarist Eddie Van Halen has cancer of the throat.

In 2000, nearly 20 years ago, the 64-year-old was previously diagnosed with cancer. Instead, he began treatment in 2000 to cure tongue cancer, and fortunately, in 2002, he was confirmed free of disease.

He had to undergo surgery and had to cut about a fifth of his tongue during the operation.

The actor often travels, the USA and Germany for treatment. The famous guitarist received radiation treatment in Germany for five years.

Van Halen has a long history of drug abuse and alcoholism. In 2007, he smoked a lot and had to go to therapy. In his face, Eddie still kept his guitar pick, which consisted of steel.

The physicians who treat his cancer revealed that Eddie likely has throat cancer because of years of sucking metal.

Source: Daily Express

The star who was associated with the big Micheal Jackson has last shown in October 2015 at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl. Eddie’s healthy complication led the band to continue to play great music.

TOTO guitarist Steve Lukather madly wants Eddie back because he feels Van Halen is the best rock and scroll bands ever. One source said the therapy in Germany is working, and our main man’s health is all right.

Eddie is known as a serial chain cigarette smoker who smokes even after he gets rid of the cancer of the throat.

It has claimed that Eddie had told that he had continuously stuck a metal guitar pick in his mouth. Nonetheless, we wish for Eddie Van Halen nothing but the best.

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