The November Issue Of GQ Magazine Showcases How GQ Redefines Masculinity In Today’s Generation

Recently, the GQ magazine unveiled its new cover that raised questions in people’s minds. The cap included Pharrell Williams, the Grammy nominee. Yet his uniform was quite different, and a dispute emerged.

Williams wore a Moncler yellow lemon coat cascading to his bottom. He looked like a lily plant upside-down, yet to bloom. His hands were placed on his chest, and his face was soft. There were bold black letters in “The New Masculinity problem.”

The cover asked people if GQ was still a men’s magazine. According to the Chief Editor, GQ is not just for people. Anyone who wanted to see the world via an elegant filter could read the magazine. The meaning of a men’s magazine is no longer the same.

The media industry’s landscape is changing, and so are the views on manhood. In January this year, Welch took over the publication as Chief Editor. He understood that the concept of what a men’s magazine was needed to change.

Welch showed the readers through the journal that there is no specific way to be a man, and in a way, you can’t do it.

It’s all right for men to wear dresses lipstick or get pedicures. Welch feels it’s all right for a man to be worried about clothes or shoes.

Source: GQ

GQ has represented fashion-conscious people since 1931.

GQ aims to provide us with the best version. Welch does not feel people reading GQ to find which jacket to wear or which shoes to purchase. You can also explore this on the Internet.

GQ has always been in the fashion and style of people, but now they use accurate, curated material to inspire the reader. And the latest issue talks about the new GQ. In the book, Pharrell states that masculinity is real if a person could accept and respect not masculine stuff.

And not only him. And it is not just him. Many others have shared their opinions on masculinity, including Asia, Kate Dillon, Kevin Love, Killer Mike, and more.

Felch feels and hopes for a bold statement on the subject in November. Indeed, the concept of masculinity is not unique. And we have to get out of the misconceptions over time.

This conversation has not come to an end, according to the GQ magazine. As the conversation evolves, their storytelling evolves. Kudos to work on such an important subject!



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