Netflix Gives Christmas Gift To Fans With You Season 2 Premier

You, the psychological thriller, set to release on Netflix just one day after Santa Claus shows up in your town. Yes, you heard it right! It’s Thursday, 26 December- which will prove to be ice on the cake in this holiday season.

The first season was originally aired on Lifetime before getting cancelled and moving to Netflix. The second season will be a truly Netflix series.

The new season will see Joe Goldberg moving to Los Angeles where he is smitten-by an aspiring chef, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). The poster of the season upholds a tagline, “Meet your match”.

Welcome To LA

This time the story of Joe Goldberg takes him to Los Angeles. What is known is that he abhors this place which would spice up the show and make it more riveting. Series creator, Sera Gamble told TV Line that she has lived in LA since she was 16 and one of the classic truisms of this place is that it is filled with former New Yorkers who hate LA. The fact has given enough reasons for the writers to present Joe as a hater of Los Angeles, which is going to fun.

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Victoria Pedretti will take the Lead 

Since the first season saw Beck being murdered by Joe, Joe will be eyeing Love Quinn, Haunting Of The Hill House star Victoria Pedretti. Coming to her character, Love is an aspiring chef in LA working as produce manager in a high-end grocery store. According to EP Sera Gamble Love is a perfect embodiment of LA who meets Joe in distress only to know he also has big turmoil in his life.

Gamble revealed to THR that Cadance, Joe’s ex-girlfriend, who appeared in the first season would come in season 2 causing a great deal of stir.

Charlie Barnett, who recently starred Russian Doll, will play Gabe, Love’s oldest and dearest friend. Jena Ortega who starred Disney Channel’s “Stuck In The Middle” will portray a con artist who lives life on her terms and will be seen scamming Joe. James Scully, who starred Heather’s TV show, will play Love’s brother, Forty, who brims with confidence and self-belief.

Gamble said to TV Line that season one deviates from Caroline Kepnes’s book in small ways and whatever change will be made in characters will bring turbulence in season two.

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