Netflix You Season 2, Release Date, Cast, [SPOILERS] Ahead

The second season of the TV drama “You” is coming soon. The set of this stalker drama has seen, and now we have a date for it’s arriving. This show is going to air on the 26th of this December. You can see the news everywhere, and google is exhausted with their search.See the source image

The Plot

The first season was a fantastic success for the franchises. As it the first season, they started the story with Newyork. Joe Goldberg is a book store manager in New York, and then he further meets Guinevere Back, who was a Prospective writer. Soon Joe Goldberg started falling for her, and some infatuations came in him. Then Joe tries to satisfy his obsession by finding her on every social media. He stalks her and tries to remove every obstacle in his path of getting her. He takes help from all the technical things. It was the first season of the show. We can hope the next level of the story next season.

The Cast and Characters

Penn Badgley is playing the male protagonist’s role as Joe Goldberg, and Elizabeth Lail is there as Guinevere Back. They both are sharing their chemistry in the TV series, and we can hope a new spark in next season. Luca Padovan is there as Paco, who is a young neighbor of Joe. We can see Zach Cherry as Ethan, who is a book store clerk who works under Joe. Shay Mitchell is playing the role of Beck’s best friend, who is Peach Salinger.See the source image

Spoilers Alert

Here we can see sophomore chapter, which is taking this trip to another level, which is a Los Angeles trip. Joe Goldberg, the charming but dangerous lead role, can demolish the theory of love. On this 26th December, You must prepare for a bang on Netflix. You will see a new definition of Love.

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