New Doctor Who Teaser Hints Big Interesting Announcements Are Coming

Doctor Who movie had made all of its fans hungry for the movie. The 15-second clip posted on both, YouTube and Twitter pages and turned all fans screaming with joy. This 15-second clip shows us TARDIS  moving through space, shortly after which a text ” watch this space ” flashes up on the screen.


The little details hint us into what we’re going to get ourselves into. The caption on the Twitter post read ” Make Space…. 23.11.19″, hinting us that further information may be revealed. Some ” Whovians ” became optimistic saying that it might be the date for the series.

Yet again, no one knows whats it meant to be. The 23rd of November marks an important day in history. A day memorable for all the Whovians.


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The trailer on YouTube is titled as Doctor Who: Series 12. Moreover, fans claim that it might be related to a running show rather than the start of a new one. It was on 23rd November 1963 that the very first episode of this sci-fi classic, starring William Hartnell as the Time Lord was released. It was previously thought that Jodie Whittaker and the rest of the cast might not return until the year 2020.

This trailer isn’t the first teaser for the upcoming series. On Halloween, a poster was revealed showing the shadow of Whittaker’s 13th Doctor, along with the mysterious text, ” Watch this space ” caption. The YouTube version makes the fandom believe that there’s more than just the date; it may be the day when another piece of information may be revealed.

The series may not seem imminent; fans can watch it. The first episode will be available, and the fandom can dip into the other classics soon. Along with that, the entire back catalogue is set to be available on the streaming service in December.

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