Shocking, doctors have removed a 8 inch expel screwdriver from man’s internals body ‘rectum’ finally

Doctors remove the 8-inch screwdriver from man’s rectum

Shocking reports from Florida state that a 46-year older man had an 8-inch screwdriver lodged in his rectum. According to reports, the unnamed man drove the tool in himself and left it there for seven days.A 46-year-old man had a screwdriver pulled out of his rectum a week after he put it there, doctors in Florida have revealed. They spotted it with CT scans (pictured)

The incident happened at the Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami. The anonymous man has schizophrenia and a bipolar issue. He came in with a life-threatening septic shock and had been experiencing stomach and pelvic pain for a week.

A CT-scan of the patient’s stomach area revealed a screwdriver lodged inside his rectum. The screwdriver was approximately 8.2 inches long and 1.1 inches wide. The screwdriver also seemed to have pierced parts of his large intestine.

It seems that the patient drove in the instrument himself and left it there for seven days. The doctors were able to successfully take out the screwdriver from the rectum ending the man’s misery.

The patient did a follow-up two weeks later and was doing great with a working osteotomy.

What the doctors said

In a report for Annals of medicine and surgery, the authors led by Dr. Youssef Shaban wrote, “The patient recovered and was released to Behavioral Health for inpatient treatment of his psychiatric disorders,”

It further says, “The patient may not be inevitable with information auxiliary to shame or perhaps mental issues, Providers should express sympathy and empathy while keeping up nonjudgmental composure.”Only when a CT scan was performed did doctors find the tool (pictured)

The article published in the Annals of Medicine and surgery emphasized the importance of maintaining high suspicion while encountering patients with psychiatric disorders. The report said that surgeons should support suspicion in the case of such patients who complain of the lower stomach or rectal pain.

The news has shocked many people. An image of the CT-scan is also available along with the report. It depicts the tool inside the man’s rectum.




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