Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die First Behind The Scene Footage Leaked Online And Its Amazing

In the upcoming No Time To Die, Land Rover’s New Defender will make a starry appearance alongside Daniel Craig as the car was used for several stunt sequences. A promotional video released to reveal the ongoing collaboration between Land Rover and EON Productions. It gives the stunt coordinator Lee Morrison and stunts driver Jess Hawkins a behind-the-scenes view at work.

Behind the Scenes Footage

No Time To Die is the first film featuring the New Defender, the latest vehicle to be starred in a sequence of James Bond car chases. The design team at Land Rover worked closely with Special Effects and Action Vehicles Supervisor Chris Corbould on the Defenders ‘ features in the film. A non-compromising mentality is necessary to design and organise the action sequences for the Bond series.

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One alleged ending is that Bond seems to be leaving the secret service for a quiet life in Jamaica. And the British actress Lashana Lynch given the code 007. While it was a simple case that the technicians of No Time to Die accidentally left behind a car after filming last week. All was packed up on Friday, but one of the vans was left out of the mess amazingly.

Since falling for a high-octane scene in Jamaica back in May. That’s why Daniel has to undergo an operation as a result of damaging his ankle ligaments. Filming wrapped up last month’s James Bond Franchise’s latest chapter, No Time To Die. And the movie’s 007 Instagram account on Sunday revealed Daniel Craig’s sneak peek in character.

007 James Bond New Attire

The picture shows Bond in a more casual attire than fans are used to. It’s famous for its sharp suits and expensive tuxedos. The MI6 agent has dressed up in a white cotton shirt rolled up to his elbows. Bond’s surroundings are hard to determine. However, large wheels behind him seem to indicate some factory or warehouse.

Fans are waiting for James Bond 007 to release in cinemas soon. So fans of 007 are eagerly waiting for movie No Time to Die. And hundreds of fans took the comments to express their excitement about the release of the film in April 2020, with just a few saying: “Can’t wait.”

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