Famous Disney Actor Chris Tavarez Arrest Effects Disney+Sales?

According to reports, Disney actor Chris Tavarez was arrested on charges of domestic violence following an altercation with his girlfriend. Tavarez and his wife had an argument during the weekend of 9-10 November at a house in Hollywood. This escalated to a point where he forced her to hit her head. Police officers have called to the site, but Tavarez has left the scene.

His girlfriend said to the police that has marks on her body but refused medical treatment. She was exposed to a disturbance according to family sources. Two days later, Tavarez was arrested and booked for domestic violence. Prior to release on bail of $100,000 (£ 77,830). The 27-year-old best known for playing Darien on the KC Undercover hit Disney show, featuring Zendaya. He also co-starred in the Avalon High movie of the Disney Channel.

Viewers of Disney Channel in doubt, will it cause the sale because of this heinous event?

Recently, Disney pulled an episode from The Simpsons because it featured the late Michael Jackson, accused of child abuse. Tavarez representatives have not yet asked for comments.

Disney Channel has always released teenage shows which have attracted teen audiences mostly. Disney is also famous for its fairy tales like prince and princesses. Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora); these are famous Disney Princesses. Disney also collaborates with movies like Brave, Maleficient and many more.

Because of the drastic behaviour of Disney star Tavarez. Disney might get fewer views for KC: Undercover show. But still, Tavarez has not responded to anyone. The new Disney streaming service launched yesterday in the US. But one episode is missing from The Simpsons episodes collection, according to comicbook.com. Disney might have removed this episode because of this event. It shows the sales of Disney are down and feel embarrassed to release this episode.

Hope Disney Channel, solve this incident as soon as possible and gain lots of views for the channel again. Catch up, KC: Undercover shows airs on Disney Channel.

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