Insidious 5 Cast, Release Date, Interesting Plot, [SPOILERS], What Is Going To Happen

Beware Insidiously is back with another horror-filled movie to scare you off!!

Insidious has been setting the pedestal high since 2010, in the genre of Horror and supernatural in the world of other Hollywood movies. The movie franchise is directed masterfully by James Wan, Leigh Whannell writes it. The fans would recognize the actors in the film, mainly Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Barbara Hershey.

The entire franchise of the movie is set around the story, which centers on a couple whose son inexplicably enters a passed out state and eventually becomes a body for ghosts to embody in an astral dimension.

The first movie was released in theatres on 1st April 2011, and the turnover for the movie was $13.3 million, whereas the budget of the film was $1.5 million. After the huge success, the movie was followed by a sequel. Chapter 2 in 2013 and two prequels, Chapter 3 in 2015 and The Last Key, which just released in 2018.

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It was in February 2018 it was announced that there were to release Insidious five after the fourth installment it was evident that they would surely release Insidious 5. As time passes by, the new part will be released soon. As each movie of the franchise keeps on releasing, the collection at the box office keeps on increasing, so in order to release the 5th part, the collections would cross the box office figures and would gain extreme success.

It is easy to manifest that the films have made great numbers in the collection through every movie, such as $90.7 million to $113 million, and has kept on increasing to the number of $164.7 million. The director of the last film Insidious: The Last Key Adam Robitel would presumably be coming back for the fifth movie too.

There is nothing confirmed out yet, but there is surely a fifth part on the way. Soon there would be a trailer out filled with the unnatural eerie plotline, which will make the viewers in a state of intrigued mind.

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