Its official now, Lindsey Vonn a professional Olympic skier got engaged to devils hockey player P.K Subban of New Jersey

Everyone is fond of dreamy love stories and many times these stories turn out to be true in the lives of the lucky ones and the same is the case with Olympic gold medal-winning skier Lindsey Vonn and professional ice hockey player P.K. Subban. Lindsey has now accepted Subban’s proposal and it is a piece of good news for all of their fans.See the source image

The lovebirds first met two years ago at the Nickelodeon sports show that is held after the ESPYs, wherein P.K. chatted with Lindsey and her younger sister Karin. “Karin’s the one who was working really, really hard for me,” P.K. said. “I was obviously interested in wanting to talk to Lindsey. But at the time, she was already dating [someone else], so I couldn’t really speak to her,” he added.

Eventually, when Lindsey’s relationship status changed again from ‘Committed’ to ‘Single’, P.K. reached out to her once again and you won’t believe, for the first four months they just only chit-chatted a lot while she was on her skiing tour in Europe. Well, that was an adorable start to their love story.

“We spoke on the phone every day,” P.K. mentioned. “Then, on Christmas Day, I went home to see my family, and after brunch, I hopped on a plane to Denver, and then drove three hours to get to Vail in a snowstorm to see her.” It was just the second time he’d seen Lindsey in person, and he considered meeting her whole family.

Talking about P.K, Lindsay reveals that from the beginning she knew that he was different from everyone else. And as she had been married before, she was unsure that she could find someone that special who will want to marry her. “After a few months of dating, I knew he was the one I wanted to be with, though. He makes me happy, and he’s so positive and energetic,” she adds.See the source image

Meanwhile, their wedding topics are buzzing hot and as of far now it is still unknown when the couple will be exchanging vows and which will be that special place but Lindsay excitingly says that she wants to wear something green, for the after-party. “Other than that, I honestly haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it. I’m mostly just excited for the future!” she concludes.

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