Met Gala Theme Is Still Rocking On Internet After 24 Hours, See The Updates

The fundraising gala, popularly known as Met Gala, is widely known for its unique theme every year, and every year, we eagerly wait for their theme announcement. And during the day that the theme of the Costume Institute’s spring exhibition is announced, it always sparks the way of different wild speculations.

The fashion fans will discuss the magic created by Andrew Bolton, the Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of the Costume Institute will whip up in the museum’s galleries, but also and much more comically, so there is the issue of the Met Gala and its red carpet. Each year, guests of the Met ball are asked to dress according to a theme related to the exhibition. 

It’s always exciting to know what dress code will be there for the celebrities present at the event, and like every year, the different looks will trend on social media giving rise to a lot of viral content. While for now, talking about the theme, the netizens have taken over the internet with their unique theme ideas.

While many of them took up Bolton’s reference material, Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Sally Potter’s 1992 film adaptation, calling for Tilda Swinton worthy corsetry and frock coats. On the other hand, many of them suggested the cochairs Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, and Nicolas Ghesquière calling out each star’s best, and most timeless, looks as inspiration. 

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A few of them also mentioned commissioning flat circle costumes, which could either go full Nietzsche or, for a more pop-cultural spin, channel Matthew McConaughey in True Detective. But a lot of netizens are excited about the event, and we feel their suggestions must be taken into a small consideration.

Well, this shows the popularity of this fundraising event, which every year witnesses the presence of many renowned celebrities across the globe. Don’t worry if you can’t attend it as we always have social media to give us the live updates of this event. So stay tuned if you have any dress code ideas for Met Gala, then do let us know in the comment box below.

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