Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 3′ final release date, Know who is in the cast and latest updates

Stranger Things Season 4, Release Date, Cast And Everything You Should Know

The Netflix wonder show “Stranger Things 3” is all set for release for July 4th 2019 and fans claim that the delay was well worth the wait. The delay in the release of the show was due to the maker’s insistence on delivering content which would be a beacon to the grand stature maintained by the previous seasons. The director has been quoted saying that this season would be their biggest season yet when compared to others in the cinematic universe.See the source image

Netflix unveiled the first full trailer of the show in March, and it became a huge source of excitement and anticipation for the fans of the season. The trailer depicts the growth spurt of the kids earlier portrayed in the season, but it is also evident that the terrors of the Upside Down continue to haunt them relentlessly.

Another trailer released a couple of months back reveals the return of the character of Mind Flayer who now has complete possession of the character Billy which is portrayed by actor Dacre Montgomery. The trailers also give away subtle references of ice cream vendors Steve and Robin. The promo which was soon released was titled “Summer in Hawkins” and showcased Billy as a flirtatious lifeguard at the local pool.See the source image

Fans were delighted to hear that the original cast was maintained and so all their favourites would continue to awe them on screen. A couple of new additions have also been made to the casting, and one of the original cast characters is said to be the one to uncover a deep dark secret which makes one wonder what mystery the season holds.

The cast has given out several hints during interviews stating that season 3 would encompass of higher levels of horror and gore in comparison to the previous series. The series is to be set in 1985 and Dungeons and Dragons is no longer a favourite among the children. Characters say that they have struck onto a gold mine through the ongoing narrative of season 3 and fans await the showcase with bated breath.


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