Tom Spurgeon the biggest and award winning comic creator passed away at the age of 51

Tom Spurgeon, a legend of the media industry, has died 51 years old. He was a comic book journalist where he won many awards for his fantastic work. He was a great editor and critic of comic books. His brother was the first person who shared this tragic news with the public over his social media account.See the source image

The Comics Reporter

Tom Spurgeon had worked remarkably for “The Comics Reporter” website. He was the owner of that website. The Comics Reporter website was running since 2004 and delivering free attractive content. Jordan Raphael was the person who designed this website. He won “Eisner Award” for Best Comics-Related periodical journalism for his tremendous work in the field of this industry in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

His Early Career

Spurgeon was not only famous for his website but also he was recognised for his editing work. He was an editor of “The Comics Journal” for six years from 1994 to 1999. Tom worked on Stan Lee primarily. He wrote three books.

His Historical Work

Tom Spurgeon has registered his name in comics books history. He worked on three historical comics books which were “Stan Lee”, “The Stan Lee Biography” and “The Rise and Fall of American Comic Book”. Spurgeon wrote many other books too like “The Fantagraphics history” and “Comics as Art”.

Tom Spurgeon As a Critic

Tom was best in criticism tooHe was a real critic because he was able to find any small gap in the perfect work too. If any comics story was able to secure two stars out of five, considered as the best comics. He could easily detect the imperfections in any work.See the source image

The WildWood

Tom Spurgeon wrote the Wildwood, which was a syndicated comic strip. He worked with Dan Wright on Wildwood from 1999 to 2002. He loved that fixture book. Tom worked there for almost three years, but it was a decade for him.

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