What About New Alternate Universe Introduced In Rick And Morty Season 4 Premiers?

The anticipated fourth season of the adult animation, Rick and Morty is finally here. And a lot of new characters, aliens are there for Rick to experiment on. By all of these, we can guess, it’s a whole new universe. The new alternative universe is mind wacking. The latest episode of season four shows all the new locations and brings hope for a multiverse to discover.

S04E01 storyline

Rick and Morty are all about their experiments. In the previous seasons, they made several clones of themselves. But Rick destroyed the clones and closed the experiment. After all of these fusses, Rick and Morty go on a journey. But accidentally, Rick dies in that, and his brain is uploaded into a cloned body of his in an alternate universe with the ‘operation phoenix’ protocol. After dying in the main universe, Rick reborn into a ‘shrimp universe’. The alternate universe came up as dictator rule. Rick was born in many alternative universes. After that, Rick was born in a teddy bear universe and following that a wasp universe.

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The four new universe

As four new universe are revealed in the new season, a lot more fun and the new storyline is expected to come. As the different universe are mentioned, new alternative characteristics of Rick and Morty also comes to the scene. They are evil, funny, and whatnot in the alternative universes.

Episodes and their release

The season four of the series consist of 10 episodes. It’s parted into two half (five episodes each) the first half is launched in 2019 and the second is supposed to release in 2020. Fans seem a little in fumes because they need a lot of Rick and Morty. The following episodes of the instalment is to be released November 17th 2019 ET. The title is a parody of Hemingway’s novel ‘ The previous man and the seat’.

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