What To Expect In Netflix’s The Last Kingdom Season 4,Official Release Date And Updates ABout Cast

Historical drama The Last Kingdom is coming with its season 4?!

Yes, you heard it right. The famous Netflix show is now coming with its season 4, and we will tell you more about it. Besides, the show will air on Netflix exclusively now. Earlier, the seasons were airing on BBC2.

Shot in the Hungarian green and luscious lands, The Last Kingdom has hinted a season four. In December 2018, the show had a renewal and also confirmed filming for the fourth season. Their social media page said “join Uhtred next year on Netflix as the battle continues”; this has increased the excitement level on the fans of The Last Kingdom.

The Last Kingdom

Image result for The Last Kingdom Season 4It is a historical show set in the 9th century. Also, the series is based on Saxon Stories novels which is written by Bernard Cornwell. Apart from that, each season comprises up to two books. The story follows with the protagonist Uhtred, who is the son of Uhtred, who is a Saxon boy. The Danes bring him up as their own even after capturing him when he was a kid. He does not know about for some time since he receives the love he would have in his home. Uhtred still ends up letting down the Danes by betraying them and also killing his father, who is also a Danish warlord Ragnar, the Elder. There are in total of seven kingdoms (which is what  England is today). He travels to Wessex, which is safer.

The cast

There will be a fresh bunch of actors who will come in the series since  The Pagan Lord was published in 2013. The series will be jumping a decade ahead with Netflix too. Besides, Alexander Dreymon is also going to come back as Uhtred but being a bit older and grey too.

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