BBC Reveals Who Is Going To Write And Direct Doctor Who Season 12.

BBC reveals that Doctor Who is returning with much more surprises this year. She has got some new mates this time. But not onscreen, they are helping her from behind the camera. They recently revealed the original writers and the directors who would be joining the crew of Doctor Who.

Director Chris Chibnall said in an interview “We’re thrilled that Doctor Who continues to attract some of the most exciting and dynamic talent working in television. Along with our returning faces, we’re excited to welcome new members to the Doctor Who family”. See the source image

Who are the new writers and the directors for Season 12?

The new writers who would be joining the writers of season 11 are Nina Metivier, Maxine Alderton, and Charlene James. Four new directors would also be joining the crew. There’s Nida Manzoor, Emma Sullivan, Jamie Magnus, and Lee Haven Jones.

They recently posted a short teaser on YouTube which reads: “Coming Soon”! So the audiences are pretty much excited about the return of Doctor Who. On Halloween, BBC shared a post on Doctor Who’s official page; promising ‘Watch This Space’ teaser. It showed the doors to TARDIS open and the shadow of Whittaker’s Doctor stretching forth.

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