Best Of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date [SPOILERS], Cast And Everything You Should Know

All hands on deck!! Netflix’s gripping drama The Last Kingdom season 4 is back to enthrall us with a tale that is tailor-made for the picturesque vistas. The fourth series kicks-off with a new villain and the death of an old character.

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What is that we all need to know about the Last Kingdom Season 4?

Last December, the show’s renewal was announced over The Last Kingdom’s official Twitter page. In April 2019, Netflix had confirmed that the filming had begun on the ten episodes for Season 4. The show’s official Instagram page invited fans to “join Uhtred next year on Netflix as the battle continues,” it seems like season four will finally arrive in 2020.

What is the Last Kingdom about?

The Herculean tale of salvation, retaliation, and self-discovery is set in the 9th century AD. Tailored from Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling “The Saxon Stories,” The Last Kingdom fuses the ancient statuettes with modern-day fiction, recreating the tale of King Alfred the Great. Uhtred, the son of a Saxon baronet, is captured by Danes, who decide to raise him as one of their own.

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But soon Danes come to reckon that Uhtred has killed his father, the Danish warlord Ragnar, the Elder. In pursuit of claiming his birthright, Uhtred is forced to flee Wessex (which is now England). It is the only province that is not under Danes’ control. On arrival, he indulges the secrets of Danes war strategies to Alfred, the king of Wessex.

What will happen in season 4 and the cast?

If Netflix adheres to the timeline of The Pagan Lord published in 2013 and the next book in the series, the TV show timeline will jump ahead almost a decade. And innately, all the characters established in previous parts of the show will all grow up. We might see a fresh row of faces in season four.

Alexander Dreymon is speculated to return as Uhtred of Bebbanburg, perhaps looking greyer than before. He believes that this is an ideal time to dispute his uncle Aelfric who’s played by Joseph Millson, especially with all the coalitions amidst kingdoms splintered.


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