Fans Want DC To Remove Amber Heard From Aquaman 2 But Why?

The news of Amber Heard getting removed from the movie, Aquaman 2, has created a spark recently. The fans of Johnny Depp has launched a petition that has 36,500 signatures out of a goal of 50,000. The petition is followed by reported allegations of domestic abuse by her former husband, Johny Depp.

What does the petition state?

The petition is created by Jeanne Larson and is addressed to Courtney Simmons, SVP of Publicity and Communications for DC Warner Bros. and Paul McGuire, Corporate Communications of DC Entertainment.

There have been allegations of domestic violence from Amber’s side too. IN 2016, People magazine featured the battered face of Amber, where she claimed to be the victim of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse during their 18-month marriage.

The petition is based on the reports of incidents where Amber is found guilty of punching Depp’s face twice and damaging his fingers with a vodka bottle. Also, a photograph of Jony lying on a stretcher with marks of burns on his face was surfaced in July. Depp claimed that Amber had tortured him by burning his face with a lit cigarette.

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There have been strings of incidents where people, apart from Depp, had been the victims of Amber’s domestic abuse. Larson calls her allegations of abuse at the hands of Jhony fake, claiming her to be the culprit in the relationship.

“As Amber Heard is a known and proven domestic abuser, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should and must remove Heard from their Aquaman film project,” the petition reads. The petition demands that her victims must not be ignored, and there should not be the glorification of domestic abuse. It concerns that her participation in the movie will glamorize an abuser.

A report from April states that Johny tried to blacklist Amber at Warner Bros., including the work on the highly successful film project, Aquaman. The report says that Depp is in a legal battle with his ex-lawyer, Jake Bloom. Several top attorneys and executives are served with deposition notices, including Warner Bros. Kevin Tsujihara and Tesla and Space X founder, Elon Musk. Amber, who was married to Depp until 2017, was also served the notice.

Written by David Leslie and starring Jason Mamoa, Aquaman 2 is set to release on  December 16, 2022.

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