Its official now spoilers reported that DC has revealed Sinister Leviathan identity as biggest villian of all time

This article is a spoiler so that the reader can read it on their responsibility. DC has revealed an identity which can shake the ground beneath their fans. It is official now that most famous villain of the DC universe has lost his veil. The terrorist Leviathan has revealed his original name on comics books.See the source image

Who is Leviathan?

Superman went into flashback and Leviathan reveals his identity. Mark Shaw is the actual name of the great villain Leviathan. Now fans are in shock after coming to know about the real personality.

Who was Mark Shaw?

Like many other villains in DC universe Mark Shaw is also a Lawyer. In Green Arrow, Adrian Chase was the most famous villain Prometheus. Like Mark Shaw, Adrian Chase was also a government employee, and he was working under the mayor of city Oliver Queen who was the Green Arrow.

Mark Shaw to Leviathan

Some of DC fans consider Mark Shaw, an anti-hero, not a villain because he was also trying to fight crime. Mark Shaw was a lawyer who was trying to fight criminals in the city where the law was in their pockets. His city overrun from the criminals, and then he lost his faith in law and put his black coat on the bar. Mark Shaw then turned to Leviathan.

Bounty hunter before the terrorist

Mark Shaw joined the police department of his city as a bounty hunter. He worked with Suicide Squad too. Shaw becomes U.S. Marshal after working with Suicide Squad for an extended period. He was trying to collect his falling pieces for the city. He became a Spy for his country too. Mark Shaw fought crime in every way to save his people from criminals.
As Leviathan, he cried for long in front of Superman and Lois. He is not a villain, and he is an anti-hero. Leviathan is still a Mark Shaw who is trying to protect his people.

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