Its official PATRICK WILSON is coming to INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 5 Soon, Sources say

The word is out that Insidious Chapter 5 should be released by next year and the news has come through none other than the Insidious franchise star Lin Shaye. Today, her co-star, Patrick Wilson has also commented on the map thus, giving fans the thumbs up sign.

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The first Insidious was a brainchild of Leigh Whannell, and  was directed by James Wan, who shot to fame through his movie The Conjuring. It starred Barbara Hershey, Patrick Wilson, and Rose Byrne. The film, which was released by the Blumhouse Production house on April 1st 2011, was produced by Jason Blum, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider.

Patrick Wilson, in a recent interview had stated that he felt his character had nothing more to give as it had already portrayed itself as a character which was initially possessed, and then freed from the same. It is believed that he could not see where the series would go with his character, but is still hopeful that it would rise against the tide and conduct a revival. He has also been quoted saying that there was no script to the sequel as of now, however,  the future holds a lot of hope and potential.

It was evident from the interview that Wilson was in good terms with his co-stars and that they often met up. Topics specifically revolving over the release of the next Insidious chapter had never been discussed, at least not in the required amount of length of time it deserves.

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Considering that the notion of a new episode has not been outright rejected, fans are still in an anticipatory state filled with excitement. They jitter over the release of  Insidious Chapter 5 and Patrick Wilson’s return to the franchise.

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