Keanu Reeves Hilarious Funny Memes From ‘John Wick’ Are Getting Viral On Internet, Details Inside

The famous John Wick is a successful actor who is always being a part of the notable assignments. His films are full of beautiful action sequences, strong supporting performance etc.

For killing a puppy, John Wick has turned on taking revenge on a group of Russian mobsters and escalated into three films involving Wick taking on his entire assassin organisation.

These films are the comeback of  Keanu’s career. The films have earned remarkable outcomes. But due to his humble and down to earth nature his true fans have always been on his side. Apart from this, here are ten hilarious memes about him.

Several films of John Wick has commenced in a simplistic plot. But his recent three films have demonstrated that killing a man’s puppy generates adequate hate for an entire franchise. It’s not just a puppy, its a last gift from dying his wife. John Wick pledges to take revenge when the Russian gangster murder the puppy on front of him. This meme also works as an excellent Valentine.

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Undoubtedly, John Wick would have burned the king’s landing to the ground himself if one white hair on Snow’s head had been touched.  No one can stop John Wick onetime he was on the assault. He has done many damages while accessing to a dragon or a fancy sword.

When Wick killed a member of High Table on the continental ground, then he became an “excommunicado “Whereas he had all of his freedoms repealed. But his status becomes advantageous for him.

Fans of The Matrix franchise wants Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne in John Wick’s movie with the same roles. Without a doubt, Wick is with a whole different sort of series with Keanu. Keanu has always been with him on his entire journey.

Some people don’t care about what’s happening in Star movies or Marvel Studios.  Wick’s films are full of straightforward, visually stylish, exciting, so people like these movies. UndImage result for Keanu Reeves Hilarious Funny Memes From 'John Wick'oubtedly, Wick gives his best in his performance.


John Wick is not known for his superior intelligence but also his resourcefulness. Now, John Wick movies series in on the juncture. Anyone that thinks John Wick is only as skilled as his guns are sure to be gravely mistaken.

Nowadays people post too many pictures with their pet. John Wick was emotionally depressed as the gangsters killed his pet in front of him. His ill wife gifted that pet to him. That pet presents the best part of Wick’s life.

John Wick is such an individual who is known for his kindness and charity.  After starting a film franchise, he has become so soft-hearted.

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