Now Dc Finally Confirmed New Line Up For Suicide Squad Team In DC Comics, Know The Details

Dc’s famous kickass series Suicide Squad is now coming out again. Yes, you hear it right!

But this time, its coming with some newer interesting people/villains. Besides, the new characters are the new villains. Sources also say the villains are new. Also, not just new but for Suicide Squad only! The director of DC Suicide Squad James Gunn, is saying this to the viewers and the fans “Don’t get too attached”. This is increasing the excitement levels now.

New villains are coming to attack the old heroes now. Margot Robbie continues to play Harley Quinn, so does Viola Davis who plays Amanda Waller. The story is by Tom Taylor. Bruno Redondo does the artworks. One should not forget how much effort these artist put up in creating new characters just for a storyline.

Image result for harley quinn margot robbie birds of prey

Besides, with coming years, DC is getting even better each time. They are not stagnant at all and are striving hard to come up with new things each time. DC is, therefore, calling this Suicide squad series as the ‘bloodiest series ever’. Now, this confidence is surely something that can excite the fans.

The new story involves the Squad to go one mission. Their first mission is to eliminate the terrorist’s group. They call themselves the Revolutionaries. And that’s not it; they have to fight them and take them as prisoners. But it doesn’t end there too. The Suicide Squad is shocked and surprised to see that one of the prisoners is now part of the gang.

The writers are stimulating all emotions from happy, sad, shocked, scared at the same time. This will keep the viewers hooked on looking at the shocked Harley Quinn.

Since now, she finds out that the next targets are her going to be her gang mates.

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