Reports Says Robert Downey Jr. May Return As Iron Man For Marvel’s What If…? After Avengers Endgame

The impression of Tony Stark will always endure as one of the greatest avengers. The scene which showcases him dying was a depressing one. However, in a recent statement made by Marvel What If…? indicate that Robert Downey Jr. will be back. The confirmation substantially points towards the character of Tony Stark will be back in MCU.

The enthusiastic TV show Formally made this clear to its viewers. The array of sci-fi, this summer announce about the characters of the next phase. Name of Tony Stark was Debarr, following his demise in Avengers: Endgame.

However, the popular character of Robert Downey Jr. will be right back again. The vindication of such a great identity was never acceptable. There may be some kind of justification behind it.

Death Of ‘Tony Stark’.

The recent statement confirms Tony Stark’s return. It was not clear to most of us, why he got Debarr from MCU. The idea behind it points towards the advent that he’ll never know his daughter beyond this theme. The reason can be to maintain empathy towards his daughter. 

What If…? Confirms Tony’s Comeback

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Jeff Goldblum freshly substantiates Tony’s comeback. Jeff justifies that, what if…? is based on a different concept of the multiverse.

Which entails in each episode an intriguing twist. Each episode casts on a diverse planet, with a change in the character’s identity. In a general sense, one can think of Captain America’s character interchange with War Machine or so. The events are distinct on different planets, which lays emphasis on Tony’s retort. 

The showcasing of this exclusive scenario will be around mid-of 2021. The MCU and Iron Man enthusiasts stand thrilled with this message. The excitement to watch their favourite personality back again can excite anyone.

This will be the first time after Endgame, that Iron Man will be back in action.

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