The Conjuring 3 Is Happening And Patrick Wilson Is Very Excited About Its Horror Story

Fans are all set to experience the paranormal world with the upcoming movie of the Conjuring Universe Franchise. Yes! We are talking about the third installment of the movie  ” The Conjuring,” i.e., ” The Conjuring 3″ has come for its fan with a new plot of the story but with the same lead pair Patrick Wilson as Ed and Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren.

Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming movie: 

The American supernatural horror film is a sequel of the movie ” The Conjuring ” and “The Conjuring 2,” whose script has been written by David Leslie Johnson – McGoldrick. The movie is all set to come for its fans, not anytime before September 2020.

The story of the movie ” The Conjuring 3″ will be seen throwing light on the story that till now is under wraps but will unveil as soon as any of the “The Conjuring 3” member reveals about the storyline of the movie. All we know as of now is that the paranormal investigating couple Ed and Lorraine are all the same from the previous installments of the “The Conjuring.”

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In an interview with Patrick Wilson, it came out that this time, ” The Conjuring 3″ is coming up with a new story which is very very different from the previous two movie installments, hinting towards a far new paranormal experience for the Conjuring fans this time.

The story of the movie “The Conjuring 3″ is also expected to be a story based on some ” real incidents,” thus making it more thrilling for the viewers. It is expected to show a new perspective of the paranormal world for the fans awaiting the movie ” The Conjuring 3″. Though the posters of the movie are out for its fans, it still keeps the suspense of the movie to continue.

But, amid all the suspense that surrounds the actual story of the movie ” The Conjuring 3,” fans have to wait till September 2020 to really experience the paranormal world with their favorite conjuring star Ed and Lorraine Warren. Hope to see the movie in theaters with the best paranormal story by the “The Conjuring” franchise.

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