Tristan Thompson Still Wants Khloe Kardashian But She Is Not Interested Anymore But What Happens?

Tristan Thompson is still interested in dating his ex Khloe, but the latter one is not interested in said the sources. Tristan Thompson is not at all shy or reluctant to show that they both are best friends or exes.

Latestly the ex-couple is going to spend quality time together in the upcoming weeks for their lovely daughter as long term holidays is approaching. Tristan Thompson and Khloe decided to be together only for their child but not to involve in the romance stages again.

What Sources Say

Despite the best efforts of Tristan Thompson, Khole has no idea about a reunite talks with her Ex, a source said which is close to Khole. The pair is set to move forward only for the sake of their lovey child, which is just 19 months old.

“It is very hard to resist the admiration of Khole,” says Tristan Thompson, who is 28, and he has a mindset for his ex. “She was going to be in goodwill with Tristan Thompson because she is true and morally is. She resists to get into the past and stay in it” claims Sources.

“Tristan Thompson still believes in getting back with her, but she wants to be a complete woman and tries to focus more on her work.”

What is so late?

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Tristan Thompson caught with cheating with his family friend Jordyn Woods, but lately, he has been putting valiant effort to rebalance his relationship with her. Khole showed a pink balloon arrangement that spelled out her name of the new scent. This happened last week, where Tristan Thompson has sent her a gift after the release of her KKW Fragrance, which is the new pink diamond.

But finally, What Khole comes up with is, “I am indeed proud to Co-parent our daughter that we are in and will be.”

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