What’s New In Upcoming PS4 and PS4 Pro Black Friday Deals As Expected 2019?

The black Friday PS4 deals are still a safe bet. PS4 is six years old now, but that doesn’t mean that it is outdated. The PlayStation still has a great list of games, 4K upgrade with the PS4 Pro and new releases again coming thick and fast.

If you are planning to buy PlayStation at a pocket-friendly price, then the black Friday market is somewhere you can get the best deals too but the console. There are not many deals available on PS4, but you can bookmark this page if you want some fantastic deals.

Best PS4 Deals So Far
The deal going on black Friday right now for PS4 is that if you buy a Sony Xperia phone, you get a claim code that you can use to get a PlayStation bundle or PlayStation VR starter pack. The package includes 500gb PS4 with two controllers and a year PS Plus subscription, and the VR starter pack comes with a headset, camera, and PlayStation VR Worlds game.See the source image

What PS4 bundles can you expect on black Fridays?
Now that we know PS5 is soon going to be launched, it is expected that the prices of PS4 will fall as retailers want to finish their stock for the old model. If you are getting a PS4, you may also go for a pro or 4k gaming. If you want a PSVR, it could also be an excellent time to look for bundles. If it drops to £200, then definitely snap it up.

Should I wait for PS5?
It is good to wait for PS5, but it won’t be out before 2020, which is very long, and when it will be launched, the prices for the console will be high, and you have to wait again for its expenses to fall which will take a lot of time. So why not buy PS4 when you can get it on the best price that too with an upgraded version.

PS4 Black Friday accessories
PS4 headsets are worth checking as they are on a discounted price right now. You can also go for DualShock PS4 controller prices are high right now, but they will be going at half prices on Black Friday.

Will there be PSVR Black Friday deals?
We can say that yes, there can be deals on PSVR on Black Friday. Last year there were some excellent deals on this device, and we can expect to get some fantastic offers this year as well. Sony’s latest release is the PSVR Mega Pack for £300 with VR Worlds. The pack has gone down to £200, and it is expected that the price will stay between these two only.

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