Florida Mom Arrested And Sentenced To Prison For Child Abuse After She Broke Her Child’s Jaw When He wouldn’t Stop Playing Fortnite Even After Several Warnings

An incident occurred on October 23, Wednesday, in which a mother was charged for hurting her son. On Wednesday, around 5 in the evening, the boy was playing Fortnite when his mother, Ann Perugia, asked her son to take a bath.

According to the reports, when Ann Perugia asked her son to stop playing the game and take a bath. Her son reportedly ignored her order and continued to play his video game. After 10minutes, when she asked him if he has taken a shower yet, he declined. Ann Perugia wasn’t in a mood to let go off the situation easily, so when the son decided to go to the washroom, she caught him. She then allegedly landed a full power punch on his face, and the blow was enough to break the 10-year old’s jaw.

She then called the child’s father, Brian Butler, to come and get his boy.

Brian found his son standing outside the residence with packed clothes, waiting for his father.

Ann Perugia’s Perspective Of The Incident 

While Ann Perugia has an entirely different story to tell. She said that she asked her son to stop playing Fortnite, and he ignored it. Then when she asked him about his attitude, he rudely replied to her that he hated her, and she hasn’t done anything for him.

But this entire conversation didn’t exist in the son’s side of the story.

Though she did not agree with punching her son, she still has been charged for child abuse with a physical offense.  The son is now living with his aunty

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