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GTA 6 May Be A Sequel Of GTA 5 According To Leeks With Release Date Of 2020

Rockstar Games is all set to launch the sixth edition of GTA. Grand Theft Auto 5 proves to be a big victory. Which ultimately increases the chances of the next part, timely by next year. The enthusiasts believe the launch ahead next year, very soon. Although, no such announcement is made in the current scenario.  

The Franchise’s 6th installment is still in working with additional programming. This news got to spotlight with a recent Instagram post on the Rockstar Games page. In which, the statement made it clear to expect a timely release, early in 2020.

There’s a lot much more to expect from the upcoming part. It’s designing stands because of PS 5 and Xbox, Scarlett. 

Is It The Next Sequel of GTA 5?

As no official statement is there forward to look on, it may be some other game too. The chances of ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ are nil. The other one left is ‘Bully,’ which puts forward the probable odds of this game. Prospect of Bully’s next segment, is also high so that no true statement can be formulated.

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GTA 6  Arriving Soon.

NYC’s ‘City Morgue,’ lately flash a story on Instagram, showcasing a logo. The logo entails initials of Rockstar Games and City Morgue. The poster was advertising a bag with blood on it, logically edging towards the next segment of GTA5.  

However, the job listing present on the official site of Rockstar Games speaks a lot. Duty listing invites enthusiasts, who could handle animation designing for the massive open-world character-based game.

Grand Theft Auto is amid the most popular and favorite of all-time. The dilemma exists there about its upcoming segment. The gaming community is expecting something great. If not now, it may release later. The architects are still working on it according to sources. If it arrives, then it will be after a long time of 6 years that the game will entertain us.


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