Is Motorola Razr Will Relaunch In 2020, Whats New In It?

Sometimes it feels like if we have left early-aughts style far behind, but now is the time when all kind of big things, let it be bucket hats or the visible thongs, have returned, like the dead from the grave, to prevail as we are approaching a new decade.See the source image

And talking about these items, the latest on the list is the Motorola Razr, returning in 2020 with an extremely regular, reasonable price of just $1,499.

The big question now is that can this once bestselling phone of all time will be able to make its place in the hearts and minds in this new generation of iPhones? Also, according to the CNN reports this revamped Razr only comes in black and is not a piece of good news for those who cherished the hot pink and silver flip phones. Also, It only is available to Verizon users when it will launch in January and thus likely to have a limited cadre of users.

This is interesting news as it gives the idea of escaping out from under iPhone hegemony and a hope of returning to the golden days of flip-phone glory.

This new Razr is just a smartphone that you can fold in half; all of the continuous push notifications and dating-app fatigue, in a beautifully nostalgic package, which is slightly unfortunate.See the source image

Keeping hurdles aside, let’s welcome the opportunity to feel like it’s 2004 again with the revamped phone. I mean, who wouldn’t love to have a feeling of those simpler times when words like Twitter, Instagram were non-existent. Let’s feel 2020 like the good old times.

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