Marvel’s Guardian Of The Galaxy Volume 3, Release Date MCU Connection [Fan Theories]

Marvel Cinematic Universe has announced its next release. The third edition to Guardian Of The Galaxy, MCU, is releasing Volume 3. But the release date isn’t out yet. After rehiring Gunn at his directer post, he’ll be working as the writer and director as well.See the source image

After the Endgame, Volume 3 has quite a lot of things in store for the viewers. To get all the answers, we’ll have to wait till 2022, thanks to James Gunn. There have a lot of Fan Theories that show ‘need’ for the new movie.

Fan Theories

Adam Warlock, Ayesha’s one of the minions, might debut in Volume 3. With only one to have rival powers to destroy Thanos like Captain Marvel. Fans are expecting that he might make a full debut this time.

Thor left with the Guardians in the Endgame. Fans have been speculating that Thor might end up joining them. He did fake his relationship two years ago, might make it real this time. But with Thor joining them could make a new villain enters. Fans speculate Gamora.

With deaths being a part of the movie, fans think it’s going to be one of the leads. After Groot in Vol 1 and Yondu in Vol 2 died, in Vol 3, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Gunn seems to be coyly hinting at a more critical death here. He referred that comics always have an end.

Confirmed PiecesSee the source image

The filming of Volume 3 would begin in 2020. The movie will have Rocket back. Gunn himself loves his character. He was sad about it, and now he’ll be working on finishing his arc first. The movie won’t be called ‘Asgardians of the Galaxy, as a fan-requested online. A lot of fans expected the third Guardians movie to be a stepping stone between Endgame and the fourth Thor movie. 



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