SPOILERS Reported ONE-PUNCH MAN: Monster Would Be Defeated By King, Latest Updates

When Saitama took down Lord Orochi, who was the strongest member of the Monster Association, in One Punch Man Chapter, 106 Saitama blew a well-placed punch villain and won over him. He further beat that deceptive monster.

Source: IGN India

One-Punch Man

This chapter is a battle between The King and The Monsters. Here we can see the final result of this war which will further describe the future of humanity. Kings will defeat Monsters or not, and you will be a visitor of that epic battle.

Gyoro will realize that Orochi is finally dead, and this battle is eventually taking place. A terrible tornado will speculate the scenario, what is behind the demise of that monster. Gyoro’s sister Blizzard will also become a friend of the tornado.

One-Punch Man Chapter 107

The upcoming chapter will not take you the depth of the story, but it will give you a brief idea about the battle which is going to win. Team of four Blizard, King, Bang and Bomb; will hunt Garo. This group will leave King behind to wander, where the other three will go for a hunt.

Journey of King

King will fall alone in the halls of Monster Association. In the mission of fighting monsters, King will find Waganma who was the son of a hero from Monster Association. Phoenix Man will rescue Wagamama. The son will try to get closer to King, and he will ask some question related to his journey. As he heard the King Engine in a booming voice, he got frightened with that.

Upcoming Stories

Upcoming episodes will reveal many exciting mysteries of all the characters like Waganma is not his real name. The One-Punch ma will become more interesting with time, and it will attract fans to the core of their story. That young boy will shift his shape to a monster as Waganma was a monster. King will fight and overcome or not, and this question will get an answer.

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