Before Superman, Henry Cavill Met Pinhead in Hellraiser: Hellworld

The most significant break Henry Cavil’s got in his career is playing Superman in Man of Steel.  Later he confronted Pinhead in horror sequel Hellraiser: Hellworld whereas Cavil has shown his versatility by playing a  villain’s character in Mission Impossible. Nevertheless, in Netflix’s tv series The Witcher he is back as protagonist  Geralt of Rivia.

After playing a superhero personality, Cavil went like reprise the heroic characters.  Like Batman V Superman:  Dawn of Justice, Justice League.  The makers and fans have contemplated Cavil’s work a bright spot in all movies.

I am trying to build inroads in Hollywood to a role in Hellraiser: Hellworld its Cavil’s eighth movie in the horror franchise.See the source image

Hellraiser:  Hellworld is all about an online game which incorporates elements of the Hellraiser Iconography and more. Two years after one of their friends dies by suicide. A group of young people was fascinated with the Hellworld game are invited to a themed party at a strange old mansion.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill plays Mike, one of the leading group who happens to be obsessed with sex which leads to his downfall at the hands of Pinhead and his Cenobites. After being with beautiful women in the mansion. A giant hook stabbed Mike, and then he does hanging mid-air.

The real fans of Hellraiser: Hellworld knows the major twist of the entire party. Because of hallucination by the characters leads to the demise of them in real life. The father of the deceased pal blamed Henriksen’s host character for death. At last the real twist had the real Pinhead show up to tear Henriksen’s soul apart.


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