CW Finally Released The Official Synopsis For The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen Mid Season Finale. Cast, Plot And Details Inside.

CW has released the official synopsis for “The Last Temptation of Barry Allen Part 2.” The second half of the story, which is a two-part season finale will join the Flash story to ” Crisis on Infinite Earth.”

The episode which will be airing on 3 December will show Barry fighting for the control on Bloodwork. All his team members will be seen keeping the Bloodwork army at bay so that the central city is not disturbed. Things are harsh here, and it is deplorable that The Flash while travelling again and again in time to look for the millions of outcomes to “Crisis of Infinite Earth,” was not able to look for this possibility.

Things will get better as we will see that next week, The Flash will be against Anti – monitor.

The conclusion to the mid-season finale –

Flash is infected by the Bloodwork, and Iris and Cisco are battling to help Barry take control of himself before he loses himself to Ramsey’s influence. Things are pretty bad. The rest of the team fights to reclaim the power of Central city from Bloodwork. Michael Nankin has directed the episode, which was written by Kristen Kim and Joshua V. Gilbert.

The Flash has returned for its sixth season this fall, taking Barry Allen to his suicidal destiny he has been trying to avoid. He will be bashing old and new enemies. In 2014 the fans learned via comics that The Flash will die on ‘Crisis of Infinite Earth’ while trying to turn back Anti-monitor. The event will take place in May of 2024, according to the comics, but the time has come. All five interconnected DC comic shows are crossing over in highly anticipated Crisis Of Infinite Earth, and we all will see how Flash tries to outrun his destiny.

Crisis of Infinite Earth is centered on the battle with Anti-monitor, which will be played by LaMonica Garrett. He will be stopped by the sacrifices of many heroes, including The Flash and Supergirl. And all the multiple universes will merge in one timeline. The crossover will also see Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Jane, John Wesley Shipp as Flash of Earth – 90, Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne and Ashley Scott as The Huntress.



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