Evil Woman From Bloomington Killed Her Boyfriend’s 8 Year Old Daughter By Stomping And Kicking Her On Private Parts.

A 42-year-old woman was charged with the killing of her boyfriend’s 8-year-old daughter by kicking her consecutively on the stomach. The murder trial on the suspected woman has started on Tuesday.

The woman named Cynthia Baker was accused of killing 8 years old Rica Rountree by severe beating. The beating was so severe that it led to multiple severe internal injuries in the child. The girl died due to internal bleeding and injuries.

The autopsy reports also show scars of beatings on the daughter’s body. The authorities believe that the girl was subjected to violence for a long time. Cynthia Baker was arrested back in April.

Baker has denied all three charges against her, which also includes child assault and murder. She has also not applied for any plea. The woman has also not testified herself in the court of law. The trial will go on for two weeks if Baker is found guilty of the charge. And the jurisdiction is searching for Jurors who will help in the case.

In between, a video has been found in the mobile phone of the convict, which shows her banging the head of the victim straight in the wall and other abuses.


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