Monster Father Physically Assaulted His 4 Years Old Baby Daughter By Chaining Her, Forced Her To Pee In A Bucket And He Just Got Prisoned For 6 Years

The news breaking out these days are quite shocking and unbelievable as people graved down their humanity a long time ago. It is like the evolution of crime and criminal minds with these people renovating the definition of crime every day. Some of these crime stories are very heartbreaking and disturbing to the next level, which will definitely make your nights sleepless.

Well, coming back to this recent story, it’s from Australia wherein a father’s dark secrets have spilled out. The convicted man has been sexually and physically abusing his daughter for more than over a decade. Recently, the father was found guilty for his inhuman crime but has been sentenced with just six years of prison. As per the reports, the father started torturing the girl when she was just four years old and had raped multiple times.

The 69-year-old father is yet to be identified due to protocols reason, had abused the girl inhumanely. The daughter was chained to the ground and made her go to the bathroom in a small bucket. While, he constantly kept her beating the kid and raped her multiple times, in a time of a decade.

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In order to get a plea bargain, the accused was brought in the Perth District Court, but he strongly denied and called the allegations to be false. Although he admitted that he was just harsh towards her daughter when it came about discipline. The father held the girl like a prisoner in their own house.

Reports further claim that the father allegedly drilled D-bolt to the floor of her ground and made shackles from a chain. In order to prevent her from escaping, he used to cage the girl with shackles, handcuffs, and cable. While he fed the girl only bread and water due to which she was in captivity for more than 26 hours. Reportedly he used a plastic lid on her neck while heading out of the house.

The news came into light after a distraught relative got in touch with the police and informed them about this humongous crime. The authorities discovered her, chained to the floor. She was so mentally disturbed that she couldn’t be any help for the police. That’s truly an unbelievable piece of news to hear.

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