Shocking: A Family In Texas Was Compelled To Remove Their Christmas Decorations Saying That Its Too Early To Celebrate

What’s the best time to put up Christmas decorations? A homeowner’s association in San Antonio thinks that they know the accurate time to put up Christmas decorations.

Claudia and Nick Simonis put up some decorations for Christmas on November 1. Soon after three days, they received a letter from their Homeowner’s association: Diamond Association Management & Consulting, asking them to put off their decorations until the closing of the holidays.

The couple didn’t see this letter until this week, but once they did, they were shocked. The husband told CNN, “I felt shocked and angered.”

They were the only ones in the neighborhood to put up Christmas decorations. For decoration, they had nothing but a giant snowman in their yard with a few inflatables. The letter that they received asked them to remove the snowman until the closing of the holiday season without mentioning when it is.

“We just wanted to do everything early so that we can relax, and if the baby comes out, we don’t have to worry about it,” says Nick Simonis about putting up decorations in early November. Mrs. Simonis is eight months pregnant, and this was one of the primary reasons why they chose to put their decorations a little earlier.

They have two young children of 2 and 7, and their family was very excited to spend their Christmas in their home as they were traveling in last year’s holidays. The couple says their neighbors supported them in putting up the decorations early and posting up messages. Later on, other neighbors put up decorations in support of the family.

One of their neighbors, Charles Minton, said: “I don’t think this should be an issue.” He had also put up some penguins and a large ‘Merry Christmas’ ornament to support their neighbor.

Nick Simonis said that they had plans to put up lights this weekend and keep decorating their house regardless.

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