The Best Trending Launch Titles For Play Station 2 You Should Check out

Play Station 2 is now 19 years old. On its 19th anniversary, Sony has launched some new sensational games, which will make the gamers nostalgic. It launched 29 games, where we can see a good comeback of Play Station 2. Here we can see the best five games launched.Related image

5. Ridge Racer V

As we can guess from the name. This is a racing game. It is like an ordinary racing game, but it will take you to the old times. It will take the gamers 20 years back and remind them of their childhood. It is a fun arcade game. It does not have present-day graphics but is definitely fun to play.Related image

4. DOA2: Hardcore

Now it is a gift for action combat lovers because Dead or Alive is on Play Station 2 now. This game has the potential to take you back to your childhood days. Here you can see your favourite character, who is fighting for glory once again. It is a hardcore game.Image result for Time splitter

3. Time Splitter

Time Splitter is a Christmas gift for the first-person shooting games lover because it will give you another level experience of gaming. It has something different than today’s games.Related image

2. Tekken Tag Tournament

Another thrill is here for gamers. Tekken Tag is famous for its distinctive characters and their brilliant moves. Jin, who is the leading character of the game. Jin is back in the game and gamers can have a new experience with their favourite character.Image result for SSX

1. SSX

SSX is delivering stress-relieving fun to gamers. It is a snowboarding game. Here you can race with the bots and players can win the race to rank upImage result for ps2 logo

Play Station 2

Play Station 2 gave a Christmas gift to their fans on its 19th anniversary. There are many games launched like Armored Core 2, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2, Unreal Tournament, Midnight Club and Smuggler’s Run.

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