These Changes In Rick And Morty Season 4 May Not Be As Good As It Looks

Rick and Morty started in 2013. We’ve been looking at the kinda toxic relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. Rick, the grandfather, is a genius and a crazy scientist. He drags Morty, his grandson, along with him to crazy adventures.

With Season 4 coming, the abusive relationship might get better. But the way it gets good can be problematic. The way of interaction is about to change between the iconic duo. All starts with the  premiere, “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,”

The Smith family at the breakfast table. Morty is stalking his crush, ‘Jessica.’ Summer harassing him. Beth and Jerry ‘proving; their working marriage. And Rick got a microchip implanted, which puts him in autopilot mode. It’s also automated and generic responses.

Change Starts

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Rick drags Morty to the adventure. Recovering Death Crystals from Forbodulon Prime to sell. So people can see how their present choices influence the various ways they can die. Jessica reminds her dad. Rick asks Morty if he’d do it to which he agrees. He’s surprised and can’t tell if the narcissist in Rick has come around, or if his ego’s running high, and he’s continuing to be rude to his grandson.

Morty steals a crystal for himself. He wants to die in the arms of Jessica. And to do it, he doesn’t follow the hologram rules to get him normal from the crystal slave. He gets into a fight with a school bully. He used Rick’s weapons and became the guy Rick wanted him to become. But soon, he turned into a monster while Rick’s hologram is now a crystal slave.

Change Happens

Rick, from another dimension, saves the monster turned Morty. They destroy the crystal and slave hologram. They vow to work on their relationship. Rick finally respects Morty, and Morty finally accepts Rick’s flaws. But could this affect their crazy adventures and make it boring?

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