Woman In China Born With Three Kidneys Donates Extra Kidney.

People born with deformities and other complications in their bodies often go through painful ordeals. This also was a case for a Chinese woman from Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, who discovered that she was born with three kidneys.

The woman complained of pain in her waist every morning and often had to make frequent trips to the bathroom. She also said that she experienced trouble while trying to sleep, getting less than six hours of sleep every night. When she had an X-ray check-up done to find out her problems, she discovered the extra kidney and said that she was willing to donate her kidney to anyone in need.See the source image

About The Condition:-

– The woman had a condition known as duplex kidneys.

– In this, a single organ forms two duplicate parts with separate ureter tubes and separate blood supply.

– It can also be a developmental condition in which one or both kidneys have ureter tubes to drain urine rather than a single machine.

– In about half cases of duplex kidneys, both organs can be affected by the duplicate ureter and blood supply.

– It occurs in about one percent of children and usually does not require any treatment.

– The duplex kidneys may be associated with conditions that require treatment by a urologist, including the flow of urine back into the organ instead of the bladder and obstruction of urine flow through the ureter tube.

Being a donor for her extra kidney, the woman has done a significant contribution to humanity.

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