Latest Updates, Netflix’s The Crown Season 3 Official Release Date, Cast Details, Plot, Spoilers And Everything You Should Know

The royal historical drama, “The Crown”, is truly a must-watch with its irresistible subject-matter: British Royal Family. This high-budget lavish drama is again creating magic on-screen with its release of the third season on Netflix.

Who is in the cast of The Crown season 3?

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The third series is creating a sensation with its rebooted cast. Claire Foy is replaced with Academy Award winner, Olivia Colman. Foy’s Emmy Best Actress win for the show has defined a standard and raised the expectations of people from Olivia. Tobias Menzies joined the cast as Prince Philips replacing Matt Smith. The third season has entered into a new era and shows the journey of the royal family in later times.

Due to the launch of the brand new cast, Netflix was always anticipating a long gap between the second and the third season. And it seems we shouldn’t be waiting for long for the fourth season as well as Colman reportedly told they have started with it in August. The idea of resetting the cast after the second and the fourth season had always been on the minds of the makers.

What is going to happen in The Crown season 3?

Image result for the crown season 3The third and the fourth season will showcase the royal journey between 1964 to 1967. The creator of the show Peter Morgan told The Entertainment Weekly that the attention would be less on the turmoil of the relationship between Philip and Elizabeth as it got settled after years of struggle in season two. The upcoming series will highlight more the failure of the marriage of Prince Margaret and Lord Snowdown.

Peter dismissed the assumption of people who thinks that Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla. He said that Charles loved Camilla deeply but was forced to marry Diana. Tobias Menzies revealed to the Radio that one of the episodes of the series would be based on Apollo 11 moon landing. The reaction of Prince Philip to this momentous event is the treat of the show.

Josh O’Connor plays a young prince, Charles, who is shown to be still a student. Recalling her Oscar-winning performance in the movie “Queen Anne”, she warns people that her role as Queen Elizabeth would be entirely different from the former. Veteran actress Helena Bonham Carter will play the role of Princess Margaret in the third series.

Will Princess Diana appear in season three?

Emma Corrin will be playing Lady Diana Spencer in The Crown. She won’t appear on-screen until the fourth season. With the beginning of the filming on the fourth season, her casting has been confirmed in April 2019.

Season 4 of The Crown would be coming in 2020 with the same set of the cast.

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