Captain Marvel Vs Thor, Who Won The Battle To Kill, Captain Marvel #12, See Full Report?

Its been years of debates about who is going to win the battles of the war in the comic.

Comics became tension sources for the fans of Marvel. It is the time of debate among the devotees of Captain Marvel and the god of thunder, Thor. As far as we know, such matches which begin fights between heroes have never happened in Comics. This is the first time, that too between Captain Marvel and Thor. Then, who would win the battle?

Well, we may get it in Captain Marvel comic. Marvel answers that question, who will win the battle, is it Captain Marvel or Thor.

It is not only the question that matters the strength of two Avengers, besides it, but this war also reveals who is more tricky. As in the comic, we can see, Captain Marvel kept her real side apart and turn to an evil side and fights with Thor. It seems she can take down thor pretty sure if she wants to. 

The Prologue stacked for The Last Avenger with this comic of Captain Marvel, in which Captain Marvel’s costume remains changed. Her appearance is with a new, dark costume theme with the character of a threatening villain. The reason for her character change is still to be known. But, from the sources, it is revealed that her mission is to defeat or kill her fellow Avengers. This comic may give a new twist from Marvel. It seems, Thor, who is busy in removing the ice blocks (ice-duty) from Avengers mountain placed first in her list.

Who won the battle?

Despite the places Thor presents, it seems like this would be not an end for Thor. According to all storylines, Carol, besides her terrible turn, leads us to think there is still more. Amidst all the science and magic of the Marvel Universe, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to get his hands on a fake or a cloth head. At the moment, it’s unclear what all of this is for, and the remaining five Avengers on his list should probably start looking behind them.

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