Latest, Official Release Date Senegal Netflix’s ‘Atlantics’ Has Been Confirmed, Who Is In The Cast, Plot, Fan Theories, You Should Know

What is ‘Atlantics’?

This November, Netflix’s potential oscar winner film will arrive & it’s titled ‘Atlantics.’ Critics around the world have highly rated it. Here’s everything we know about the film:

Release Date & Plot

Atlantics is an upcoming Senegalese Netflix original film. It is directed and written by Mati Diop. In the 72 year history of the Cannes Film Festival, Mati Diop is the first black woman to win Grand Prize in the best film. It will release worldwide on 29th November 2019.

After months without pay, thw workers in a futuristic construction site seek the ocean for a better future. One of the workers is Souleiman, who loves Ada, who is promised to someone else. Days later, after the workers disappear, a fire destroys Ada’s wedding & Souleiman returns. All of this takes place while a deadly virus is spreading.

Cast, Production & Run-time.

Atlantics is one of those few films which has a large number of debuting actors — Traore, Mama Bineta Sane, Dianokou Sembene, & Abdou Balde, among others. The Production of the film was carried on over several locations in Senegal.

The issue with the debuting cast is that IMDb mentions them as debutants. It’s unknown if some of the information has been updated. It has a runtime of over 103 minutes. It was shot using 4k camera equipment.

The Main Question

Due to good reception from the critics, the film is a worthy candidate for winning the ‘best picture’ this year. The film will be showcased in English, French & Wolof. Wolof is a language used by over 5 million people in Senegal, Gambia & Mauritania.

Netflix has released its trailer.

What do you think about the film? Is it good enough for an oscar?

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