Confirmed release date “Netflix’s Ozark Season 3” Latest Updates About Caste,Plot and Everything you should know

Every Ozark fan’s mind is currently buzzing with the excitement and anticipation for the release of season 3 which would reveal the future proceedings of the Byrde family.

Season 2 had ended on a downward spiral which seemed would continue in the coming years at least until the reins lay in the hands of director-cum-star Jason Bateman.

The star confirmed that the show would be back with a third season consisting of 10 episodes but could not give any information regarding its release on Netflix. Because production work for season 3 did not begin until March 2019, one can expect the season to release only by 2020.

A couple of Marvel TV casts are set to join the show along with Madison Thompson which was announced earlier this year by Netflix. Along with them, the original cast of the Byrde family is set to rejoin the show.See the source image

The new season should see Ruth Langmore attempting to get closer to the Byrde family and the character Marty is set to descend into deeper darkness. Ruth, in her attempt to get closer to the family, begins to wonder if her decision was appropriate. Although Marty helped her become more confident and responsible, she figures out the more profound the ascent, the more of negative vibes she receives about her decision. Is it all worthwhile? I’d probably the question that haunts her.

The focal point of the show rests on Marty’s giant casino boat and loose ends from previous seasons are expected to be tied up through the course of season 3. There are also rumours of an affair between Marty and Rachel.

The show is set to run for at least five seasons, but it seems as if no one knows how it would reach its conclusion. Hope rests in the hands of Netflix and on how long they decide to let the show run. Until then let’s wait for the unravelling of the events of Season 3.



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