Finally Official Release Date Ozark Season 3 Has Been Confirmed, When It Is Coming To Netflix, Official Announcements, Cast, Plot And What’s Going To Happen?

If you are an Ozark fan, then there is one question on your mind; What is the future of the Byrde family?  Well, wait a little more for season 3 to drop on Netflix.

Season two told the story of how Marty and Wendy got into serious, deep problems, indicating a downward spiral. And if director and star Jason Bateman have anything to do with it, it will go on for a few years. Not that we are complaining.See the source image

When will it be back?

Jason Bateman confirmed via Twitter that the show would have a 10 episode season 3, but bad news, there is still no information as to when will it be available on Netflix.

Production didn’t start till March 2019, making it unlikely for season 3 to drop till 2020.

Who is in the cast?

Netflix has announced that up-and-comer Madison Thompson will be joining the cast this year as Erin, Helen’s headstrong teenage daughter, for some mother-daughter bonding ending with an unexpected end, according to Deadline.

Marvel TV stars Tom Pelphrey, and Jessica Frances Dukes will also be joining the cast as regulars.

Joseph Sikora and Felix Solis will also have recurring roles, while Janet McTeer, who plays Helen Pierce, and Lisa Emery are now regulars.

And we do not need to tell you that the whole Byrde family will return, including Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.

What could season three be about?
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Chris Mundy told them that the new season would have Ruth Langmore giving her best tries to get closer to the Byrde family. Marty is expected to go deeper into the darkness.

As Ruth gets closer, she wonders if being the Byrde is a good thing.

Ruth, honey, trust us all; it is not a good thing. RUN!See the source image

What about Bateman’s money-laundering protagonist? Well, he is going down a slope, but he is not at the bottom yet.

Mundy told that the show would tell the story of Marty and Wendy struggling with their power dynamic and “dealing with an outside force.” He also confirmed that Wendy’s brother had been added to the cast. He is about to cause some issues.


Marty Byrde and his family got stuck in a criminal rut in season two. Indicating that there will be many stories. These will be explored in further seasons.

The finale revealed of Marty’s giant casino boat. A boat that he will use to launder hundreds of millions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartel. This is assumed to be the main point of concentration for the next season.

Season three will also tighten a lot of the loose ends, and the blood.


But the major surprise was witnessing Wendy relish her involvement in Marty’s money laundering. At the end taking over by creating a direct communications line with the cartel with the help lawyer Helen Pierce. He also was seen refusing to flee to Australia, going against his initial plan.

Possibly the dynamic will be explored in season 3.

And also Marty’s affair with Rachel.


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