James Gunn Officially Confirmed That Marvel Vs DC Movie Can Be Possible Like The Amalgam 1990. Read Full Story Here

The fascinating world of Marvel and DC’s superheroes, villains, and other characters have always ruled the hearts of their fans. Despite Marvel and DC characters being far different from each other, fans do love seeing the two worlds come together to create a magic that leaves a forever impact on their fans. Interestingly, here comes exciting news for all DC and Marvel fans as James Gunn, the famous director of The Suicide Squad, confirmed that Marvel Vs. DC movies can be possible as Amalgam in the 1990s. Yes! James Gunn thinks that its possible.

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Here’s all you need to know:

During an encounter with a fan for a Q & A round, a fan ended up asking James Gunn that is it possible to do a Marvel vs. DC movie? In answer to which he said that if asked earlier about this earlier, he would have said no, but now he thinks that its possible.

To remind you all, there was an Amalgam universe present in the 1990s that featured DC and Marvel characters. During the late 1990s and early 2000, it did bring the two worlds of Marvel and DC together for its fans. But, just because of not succeeding in getting enough popularity, it never came back again after that.

The 1990s Amalgam showed Dark Claw as a unique combination, which was Wolverine and Batman at the same time. At least Amalgam did show the fans as to how it looks when you see the two worlds of Marvel and DC come face to face.

DC characters are quite unrealistic in terms of their lifestyles and powers. In contrast, Marvel characters in comparison to DC characters are more realistic, and hence the duo’s combination, when featured together, doesn’t create that magic as is expected from the two.

But, if James Gunn is to be believed, then it’s possible to see DC and Marvel world come together for their fans. Still, its quite evident that without the consent of the two studios, i.e., the Marvel Studio and the Warner Bros., it isn’t going to happen unless they agree to do so. Till then, all we can hope is to see that happen soon.

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