Ozark Season 3 Release Date Has Been Scheduled On Netflix, Know Official Release Date, Who Is In The Cast And What’s Going To Happen?

The series that features the suffering of the Byrde family is Ozark. Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams are the producers of this thriller series. The situations had forced the family to flee from Chicago to Ozark. The storyline all about the tough situations they face in their life. Because at Ozark, Marty has been charged to conciliate the powerful Mexican drug cartels. They had punished him with $500 million and 5 years of prison. The family finds every way to keep their words with the cartel leaders. The series shows every complexity that Marty, along with his wife and the two children, faces coming out of the problem.


Ozark Release Date

They haven’t announced any specific date for the arrival of the series. But it is believed that the release may happen surprisingly in early 2020. And also, on Twitter, Jason Bateman has confirmed that the new season will have ten episodes.

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Cast of Ozark

Madison Thompson, Tom Palfrey, and Jessica Frances Duke are the cast of the thriller drama. Madison is the supporting character who will be playing as Erin. The Bryde family, without any changes in the cast, will return for the next season.

Is There A Trailer Out Yet?

No, there isn’t. The team hasn’t disclosed the release date of Season 3. The last two seasons of the thriller series are available on Netflix.

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