The Biggest Trending TV Shows On Netflix You Can Watch Now

Want something new to watch on Netflix? Here is the good news you have been waiting for. Netflix is adding new original series and old favorites on their services.

Here are some of the Netflix shows that can be your next obsession

This show is surrounded by a plot of real crime drama in an inflame look at the police blunders that facilitated a rapist. The actors of this series are Toni Collete, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever.

The Politician
A rich student from Santa Barbara, California named Payton Hobart is known since the age of seven that he wants to be president of the united states. The only obstacle in his way is high school.

Its a series of Netflix based on an ordinary man forced into criminality and brutality by difficult circumstances. The role of this ordinary man is played by an actor who is traditionally known for comedy.

The Last Kingdom
Season Four of The Last Kingdom is expected to be released next year, but till then, you go back to the story of Anglo Saxon epic based on the novel Sharpe creator Bernard Cornwell.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
There is a whole lot of heart to this silly and surprising workplace sitcom in the Newyork city precinct. Andy Samberg leads the cast as Jake Peralta, a star detective filled with exquisitely drawn characters. But the show’s secret weapon is Andre Braugher playing the overly serious captain Raymond Holt with unrivaled deadpan.

This mind and time-bending German series, which was initially compared to Stranger Things, returned with the second part of its three-season run.

Good Girls
The second series of this comic caper is about three mothers who rob a grocery store and then have to deal with endless repercussions. This is not available on Netflix UK, so go watch all 13 episodes now and then get set to wait for another season, which is scheduled to be released next year.

Black Mirror
The fifth season of this series features some of the most ambitious and gripping tales to the date. There are three new stories, with brilliant performances from Andrew Scott, Miley Cyrus, and Anthony Mackie.

When They See Us
Ava DuVernay’s harrowing, retelling of the true story of Central Park Five, which saw five black teens wrongfully convicted of a rape that took place in Newyork City 1989. In four episodes, it goes from courtroom drama, police procedurals, and then comes a heartbreaking finale, which delves into the consequences the conviction had on one member of the gang.

Russian Doll
With Newyork sass all of its own and a high conceptual payoff, this show is surely satisfying. It revolves around a chain-smoking New Yorker Naida, as she raddles her way through a mysterious time loop that sees her celebrating her 36th birthday -and then dying.

Schitt’s Creek
A brilliant sitcom that, like his other US peers, takes a bit time to get going. By the time the second season swings around, all characters are perfectly developed. It follows a privileged, wealthy Rose family who attempts to make their lives in the titular town.

The presence of lost Naveen Andrews is a mirror clue of Sense8. It follows the group of eight strangers from different corners of the world who are connected through prophetic visions, known as sensates. What follows is tailspin sex, acrobatic fight scenes, and endless intrigue.

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