When Is Carnival Row Season 2 Coming To Amazon Prime? Official Announcements And Who Is In The Cast; Details Inside

Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date, Plot, And Cast Update

Season 1 of Carnival Row which aired on Amazon ended in August with several loose ends that desperately needs to be tied up by the upcoming Season 2. Amazon had already renewed their agreement with the show for an airing of another season. Now as production for the same has begun audience is filled with excitement and expectations from the show.

The Carnival Row Twitter page recently put up a tweet regarding the onset of season 2 along with a small video clipping of the stars of the show expressing their excitement at working on the next season. For those who are yet to complete Season 1, beware of multiple spoilers in the video.

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Orlando Bloom, the actor, previously seen in fantasy roles is a far cry apart in this season portraying the character of Philo and is very much prepared of the same. He claims to have received some information which he believes would change the course of the story.

Actress Cara Delevingne meanwhile did not reveal any aspects of her character but did mention specific new arrivals on set which would be added to the original cast of Carnival Row which may be taken as an indication of further plans to expand the show in the coming future.

Fans of the show attempt to anticipate the next move of the show and wonder whether the characters Imogen and Argeus make it out of confinement safely or will they continue to be hunted by her brother Ezra? All of which remains to be seen in Season 2.

The show had worked in a lot of real-world storylines such as immigration and societal intolerance for which it was much commended. While the wait for an official announcement for a date from Amazon is still on let us as audience hope that Carnival Row Season 2 will continue to deliver and live up to the quality set by its predecessor.

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